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See what other people are saying about The Village at Raintree apartments! At The Village at Raintree Luxury Living, we value all our residents' voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


So Raintree Village Apartments, probably one of the very few places on Dyer street that is actually beautiful. I have signed a 3rd lease with them and the property is always improving. I have met some wonderful residents who have been here for more than 20 years. They updated the pool, are updating the gym equipment, have courtesy officers that live on the property and are always walking around making it feel safe. Private parking is available and if someone parks in your spot they are quick to fix the problem. The fact they are pet friendly with no specific size is awesome, because most place don't even allow pets. They are military friendly and treat you like family. Management it always on the ball considering the last management slacked off creating a mountain to do list for them. Maintenance guys are always willing to help if there is a problem with something in your apartment. I left my door unlocked one time and that same day maintenance was coming to replace my stove ( no charge to me) and they locked the door thank goodness. I left my keys inside and even though it was my fault I was more than willing to pay the fee, because lets face it anyone at anytime could have robbed me blind. I never made that mistake again. I have had bad neighbors and just when you think you have no help let me tell you, Amanda the manager here she is always willing to hear you out and find a resolution to the situation and well now my neighbor and I have no more issues and get along now. This being my first apartment by myself I have to say I for see a 4th lease signing. Thank Raintree Village Apartments, for the location you are in, you all are a small oasis compared to a lot of places on Dyer st.


I haven't been here long but I've had many extrenuating circumstances with the VA, county housing, and credit problems. The staff has been extremely understanding and helpful, even pushing back due dates after the holding period expired while we waiting for county to inspect. The apt I moved into was bigger than discussed with much more natural lighting. They were also easily accepting of my companion animal paperwork. The apt was clean and beautiful. The grounds are beautiful. I'm just sad they made the pool smaller lol.


People have been nothing but nice to me, my apartment is in fairly good condition seeings that it was a non-remodeled unit, when i have something break there right on it and fixing it. everyone that owns a dog here is a really friendly person and is outgoing and the people that dont are mostly nice and keep to themselves, hardly ever hear the neighbors too!! recomended place to live, also fairly cheep!!


I lived in these apartments for about two years in different apartments. Never had an issue, neighboors where always very friendly and office staff as well. I had an issue once with a disruptive neighboor and as soon as I reported the problem with the office it was taken care of. Excellente service.


Well my boyfriend lives in this apartments and I can say that the apartments are beautiful and a good serves, the laundry room and pool and even walks areas are very clean.


Well my boyfriend lives in this apartments and I can say that the apartments are beautiful and a good serves, the laundry room and pool and even walks areas are very clean.


I moved into this place with uncertainty, then i met the office people. I don't care what other people say about them because they are not talking about the people that i met. They were beyond amazing when it came to finding the right place for me. They were willing to work with me and do whatever i need to fit my needs. The apartment itself is said to be in the "ghetto" because its the northeast, but we are fenced in with beautiful trees and a yard full of grass. i could not be happier and i really appreciate everything they did!


Im giving these apartments 4 stars because i really love the landscaping, there is grass everywhere and its so green. so many beautiful trees and its very quiet, you really dont hear too much noise other that the ambulance sirens. i loved going out to my lil porch and just drinking my cup of tea. i also liked that they let you decorate however you like so you get to put your own flavor into your little home. i also really like the pool the basketball courts and the volley ball courts. it gives you a variety of work outs. But the apartment it self is really small. for two people at first is fine but after about 3 months into your contract it starts to get tight. the other thing is that you will find bird poop and dead birds all the time. they said they were trying to figure out why so many dead birds but its still happening. other than that its a nice place to be, plus the staff is so helpful and very very friendly!

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