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See what other people are saying about our The Village at Raintree apartments! At The Village at Raintree Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


When I first decided to live here, I read all the reviews and they were bad, but I took a chance and I loved it , ladies in front office always polite and helpful in anything and everything. Landscaping was always kept clean. Never had any issue with apartment.. I give them 5 stars and definitely recommend them!!


I Was a tenant from May '17 - May '18.. very friendly staff, super helpful, very professional, Great location, would highly recommend!! Thanks RainTree




My girlfriend and I moved here a year ago and have had very few problems. Out of all the places I have lived, I can promise you this is no different than any other apartment complex. Very standard guidelines and any issues we had were handled very professionally. Living in an apartment complex always comes with some gambles. All of our neighbors were very courteous and yeah there was some sound on weekends but its nothing excessive or out of the ordinary for an apartment complex. Even if something became a problem, I know that I could report it and it would be handled to the best of their abilities. The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is because when there was any construction it was very last minute that we would find out about it. It's nothing too bad, just a little inconvenient. We would have no problem staying here another year but we are moving closer to my work. The management is kind and has always been helpful. They have always been very accommodating to our needs. Every problem I had was solved fast, and they really do care about your problems and are very willing to work with you. It was a very typical experience but with very devoted staff.


When I was first looking for apartments, I got a little frustrated because it seemed like only the people that had a bad experience left comments. I had a perfectly normal time here. Our apartment is very nice, and we never hear people talking, outside noise, or even dogs barking. (I was a little nervous about that) The area is so convent, you are literally RIGHT NEXT to the highway, you don't have to drive through the city at all. I also feel very safe. I have never had a problem with a neighbor or anyone else here. I could always find a parking spot, and I never worried about someone breaking into my car. (embarrassing story): I recently got a new car, and when I came home, the windows were so clear, I accidentally left my window down! I even had some cash under the passenger seat. Everything was still here even after a full day had passed. I have never been treated with anything other than respect and kindness. I have never had to reach out the office but the Property Manager, Nikki, is so nice and wonderful and I feel like I could go to her (or anyone else working) for anything. This has been a great first apartment, and I recommend this to anyone looking for a place to rent.

The workers are prompt to residents' needs and l really appreciate it!


The guys that came to fix and put the new air conditioner in where very nice and professional. That made me feel at home, how nice the employees are. Thank you.


Nikki is always good to us and maintenance guy too... Friendly and if we have a problem they take care of it ..


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